Deep Regrets

Deep Regrets - An unfortunate fishing game

Being married to the sea is a toxic relationship

An unfortunate fishing game about pulling progressively more horrifying things out of the ocean.

Decide what to eat, what to sell, how many regrets you're willing to carry, and how much you want to drive the world mad as you push yourself too far and spiral towards a thrilling conclusion.

In this game you'll roll dice at the start of each turn to determine your strength for that round and then decide whether you'll stay at sea or return to port to sell fish, buy provisions, and recharge your energy.

Fishing consists of choosing from a grid of 9 piles of cards at various depths and with various sizes indicated on the back of the cards and flipping them over to see if you have enough strength to reel in the revealed fish. Dice are spent to catch fish but refreshed at the start of each round.

Fish card example

Many fish have effects when revealed, such as driving the madness level in the world up - reducing the value of normal fish and increasing demand for horrors.

Flipping too many fish can be troublesome, however, as you'll gain regret cards each time to observe or catch something disgusting or maddening. At the end of the game, the player with the most regrets will lose significant points!

Regrets Cards

You'll need to carefully manage resources and make strategic decisions about when to stay at sea vs. when to make port in order to catch the most valuable fish, manipulate the economy in your favor, and have the most points at the end of the game!

Coming to Kickstarter in 2024!

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